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Keys to avoid being a Ransomware victim


Studies made during the Covid-19 pandemic, found out ransomware attacks, increased in more than aumentaron  19%, related previous years. Organizationes are in a run against cyber attackers to protect data.

The following tips will be useful to avoid your organization being an attack victim:


1. Apply grain security schemes: many employees are at home office, network fronteer expansion and security controls are relevant.

2.Develop security copies: must have an encrypted data copie to consult for affected components reestablishment.

3. Implement security patches: majority of attackers focus on determine software vulnerabilities, therefore is essential to update last versions in the equipments, in order to obtain the security corrections that protect these benches.

4. Coaching plan: employees sensibilization is vital, because the virus is going to take advantage of them by slipping into the systems. Dealing out knowledge is important to apply security measures such as: confirming e-mail domains or checking the links validity to safe your information.




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