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Possible Catastrophes 

Natural incidents can appear in a blink of an eye, therefore is important to count with Organizational Resilience to feel secure at the moment of asuming a natural catastrophe. Nevertheless, is ought to ask are we really prepare for these type of events?

Chile Case

An essential part in Organizational Resilience is the preparation for natural events that can affect the local economy and the company operations. In january, 2021, one of these uncommon events happened in Chile, two seims of 7 and 5,9 in the Richter scale; they affected the country in less of an hour, leaving a tsunami alert. The issue became bigger when the emergency alert services, alarmed the whole country, forgetting they only had to alarmed the Antartic coast area.


What to do in case of a catastrophe?

In these cases preparation is essential to act in an opportune way. Evacuation schemes, protection & emergency elements and communications, must be in a perfect synchrony to avoid the event intensification. To achieve this synchronization is important to develop evacuation drills exercises, allowing a better view of missings inside our systems. Always remind these three huge steps: 

  1. Prepare
  2. Protect
  3. Act


How many evacuation drills your organization develops anually?

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