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Cybersecurity inside SMEs

During the Covid-19  pandemic SMEs cybersecurity lack came out. According to an ESET survey, an European Union company, due to resources lack inside companies with less than 50 employees, hackers discovered an appropiate niche to attack these companies, since big organizations or multinationals count with enough resources to protect from cyberattacks.

How to protect SME data?

  • Establish properly use policies for office devices.
  • Restrict information access.
  • Use difficult passwords (unbrakable) and make a constant change of them. 
  • Employees must sign confidentialy agreements to prevent information from falling into wrong hands.
  • Create internal campaigns   regargding the indicated use of devices, passwords, cyber risks, among others.
  • Constantly  backup the information and have copies in a safe place.
  • Software periodically update. 

How to evaluate cyber risks? 


Nowadays there is a risks matrix to measure its types, its severity and risk probability identification.



A risk matrix is a tool which determines risks by multiplying the quantitative related values with the risk probability and severity impact.  Elsa Couderc.


The matrix allows possible risks identification and its severity degree to take on time decisions, related with them and create an execution plan to contain the negative impact.


¿Cyber threats?


Constant cyber threats are present in governmental an non-governmental entities, since the cybercriminals seek for valuable information acquisition to generate a profitable benefit and generate individuals, organizations an non-governmental damages to the perpetrated ones. 

On the other way, the evaluation of critical infrastructure under cyber attacks based on plans simulation, either incident response or disaster recovery (DRP) are fundamental to mitigate the cyber attacks effects and/or prevent and remedy the data gap.


Do you count with tools and strategies needed to avoid or minimize a cyber attack?

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