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Continuity Plan 


Do you what is required to construct a continuity plan? or have you ever asked yourself Am I making my continuity plan correctly?

The following steps are useful to start with:

1. Define the scenario: establish the scope or scenario to cover your plan, destinate the conditions that must be excuted to make the plan functionable.  

2. Determine the strategy to follow: is important to define clearly all the strategies to follow in case of available resources lack. For example, desplacement from one location to another if the headquarters are affected.

3. Establish a recovery equipment:  establish who are the one in charge of executing the recovery activities, their contact numbers and definitions, to locate them easily if its necessary.

4. Precise executed activities: document every activity, during the different recovery phases.


How to plan Business Continuity?

  • Define the scope: according to your organization plans or their phases, establish what do you want to exercise initially.
  • Establish an scenario: what situation you consider is important to exercise during your plans?. Raise an scenario with its possible variables.
  • Define evaluation criteria: antes before the exercise execution, establish criteria that must be evaluated in order to determine its success degree/ exercise learning. 
  • Precise roles & responsabilities: participants must be present before, during and after the exercise, therefore its responsabilities can be establish.
  • Determinar control items: analize possible risks during the exercise, define possible items of control during the time table and prioritize actions or decisions to perform.
  • Establish records: define records that must be completed during the exercise execution.

Finally, with the con  Business Continuity Plan implementation, an order inside the corporation can be guaranteed to avoid any unexprected interuption that might affect the business operation.

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