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Current Context

Nowadays, it has been shown a major necessity from organizations to adapt. In the case of Colombia, the country is passing through two unusual circumstances which are generating problems in social, economic, entrepreneurship, political and cultural aspects. This situation can cause discomfort, stress and concern among the organization members. An alternative to improve this condition, inside the companies is implementing Positivism.


What is POP and how to apply it? 


Positive Organizational Psychology is “the study of people and groups optimum functionality in the organizations, as their affection management”. Is important to recognize the optimism in employees and destinate resources and strategies to work on it. 


The following image, illustrates how POP can be applied:

From the previous image, it is relevant to highlight the business philosophy comprehension, in order to increase the compromise from all employees. Moreover, by understanding it there is a facility to promote changes in the company and these can be taken by people in a positive way, creating an impact in favour of the organization. 


How to relate positivism with organizational resilience?


Positivism makes a person feel good about itself and its development inside the company is going to improve, since it feels comfortable and happy with its job. According to Álvarez (2013) “real optimism conducts people to demonstrate more confidence and persistence ahead of challenging situations and adapt easily to changes”.  What means that a positive person,  if it proposes, is resilient; because it adapts to changes in a simpler way .  


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