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The exposure of organizations to risks of all kinds is permanent and increasing, the consequences of their materialization are complex and can go as far as disappearance, if not properly managed. We have practical experience in the national and international market, the skills and knowledge necessary to support our clients in this management, forming a unified work team, and thus being their strategic allies, tailored to their needs through the flexibility that provides a company of our size to have an excellent Customer & iteam relationship.

Our services have been designed with different levels of intervention and approaches in their execution in mind, so they can adapt to the organizational culture and other specific circumstances. We focus on developing viable and tangible solutions, adapted to the reality of each organization.

Consulting, Advisory and Accompaniment Services

Advisory Projects

Supports the design and development of Organizational Resilience components, by the organization’s employees, using our standard methodology or an adapted version (agile), our consultants support the production of documentation with their knowledge and real experience, as well as the Project Management, with a minimum intervention (effort in man-hours) making the project cost efficient.

Consulting, Advisory and Accompaniment Services

Consulting Projects

Our work team designs, plans and fully executes the projects of the Organizational Resilience practices, being responsible for the Project Management and the final production of the deliverables.

Consulting, Advisory and Accompaniment Services

Times and Materials

By means of a specific work agreement, in which the man hours of specialized consultants are invoiced is required by the client in the Organizational Resilience practices.

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