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"Focusing on Covid-19 does not mean that other risks have decreased. In fact, some have increased. The global attention paid to the fight against Covid-19 😷 has provided opportunities for cybercriminals and scammers to operate more freely.

However, when we look at this year's resilience index, it is clear that the priorities of many resilience professionals have changed. They are now more concerned about 💻 availability issues, such as long-term IT failures, major operational incidents, and state-sponsored attacks on critical national infrastructure 📡. There is less emphasis on integrity and confidentiality issues this year, with data security falling to number 6 in the index."

This information can be found in the annex report, published by dri (Disaster Recovery Institute). Where it becomes relevant to have a framework that increases resilience in providing critical IT services for an organization.

Does your organization have a framework of reference to maintain #Disponibilidad of the Critical Platform?

Download here the report "Trends Report: Global Risk and Resilience"

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