Compliance and Performance Services

We are aware of the compliance and performance needs of our Clients in relation to the Comprehensive Management of their Risks, and we approach each of the sectors of the economy knowing the specific needs regarding issues related to compliance and performance in GRC, we develop activities that allow us to know the gaps and generate a work plan that let them to strengthen and develop organizational capacities and skills oriented to resilience practices.

Our compliance services have been designed thinking about the needs of the market in the face of compliance with the legal, regulatory and market requirements related to GRC, with a clear focus on Organizational Resilience through support services that identify the status of the organization and  design of action plans that permit continuous improvement.

Compliance and Performance Services


Identifies the maturity state of Organizational Resilience management practices in the organization, against the requirements established in the regulations, as well as determine the real degree of recovery capacity of critical business processes, in terms of events interruption and its enabling resources.

Compliance and Performance Services


Assesses and certifies the status of the organization against the applicable requirements by international standards and norms, usually required as mandatory for the establishment of commercial agreements or for participation in purchasing processes.

Compliance and Performance Services


Verifies compliance with the requirements applicable to the organization in terms of Business Continuity Management Systems based on the ISO 22301 standard and Information Security Management Systems based on the ISO 27001 standard.

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