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What is Critical Environments Management?

Inside the Organizational Resilience framework, there is a practice known as «Critical Environments Management». It consists in the knowledge consolidation for the adecuate manage of data centers (CD) as a critical location in the organization. 


About  CD’s

Normally CD are less dinamic structures but highly critical. In opportunities the design of these, is made through charge estimations and specific consumption facilies as electricity, physical space, fresh air, among others, in the best case with a growth projection. 


Hyper scability 

Undoubtedly, to talk about a real resilient data center, it might be necessary to contemplate «Hyper scability». This new concept implies a rapidly achievement of masive data and informatic cloud scale, using huge and expandable data centers. It allows companies to increase rapidly its capacity, thorugh the construction of its own hyper scale data centers (HDC) or buying space in other exitent, which belongs to a supplier. 


For big companies this can be an interesting solution to respond in a resilient way. 

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