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What is a Business Continuity Plan?

An organization is made up by different areas to achieve its objectives and mantain its productivity, permanence in the market and generate value. Additionally, there is a continious increase in the critical contingency response need. As a result, Business Continuity models are implemeted and developed; according to Continuity Central it is define as » the processes, procedures, decissions and activities which secure the organizational function continuity in case of operational disruption».


Which is its objective?

Business Continuity main objective is to constantly implement strategies that adapt to change, according to the market and the company inside needs. 


Technology in Business Continuity

Now, with the technological developments brought by the Fouth Industrial Revolution the use of Business Continuity within organizations has been chosen. Furthermore, given the speed of change from market needs, from overnight, companies have become digital ecosystems. They have adopted remote work model and have realized the importance of technology in the continuity of their business. This transformation has created tensions within it, forcing the acceleration if ICT security measures.  


Does your organization has an appropiate recovery strategy?

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