Is my company ready to support the economic consequences of an interruption
in productive business processes?

What is a Business Continuity Plan?

It is a group of procedures to act before, during and after an operations disruption event, through an interdisciplinary methodology, that allows to create and validate logistical plans, so in practice the organization can recover the business functions partially or wholly, after an interruption or disaster.

It consists of the steps that the personnel should perform as manuals and procedures, to face unexpected situations and environments that may affect the continuity and normal operations. The BCP target to ensure that products or services continue to be delivered to the different distribution channels during an unplanned interruption.

A business continuity plan aims for the sruvival of the organizaction and the operation of critical processes, also as the reduction of impacts from unexpected events or disasters. The Business Continuity Plan is focused to create a real recovery capability and documentation that guarantees the technical and organizational coverage of critical business areas.