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iteam, is a consulting firm specialized in GRC - Government, Risk Management and Compliance, with emphasis in Business Continuity Planning, Crisis Management and Entreprise Risk Mangement. 

We focus on the generation of strategic value for our clients by integrating the key components of Resiliency best practices:

Crisis Management
Corporate Response - external and internal communications - official spokesperson.  
Recovering business operations. Alternate working area.  
Recovery technology services - Alternate Computer Center.  

More than 10 years of experience in the Andean market, Central America and the Caribbean, executing successfull projects for customers with operations in Latinamerica, United States and Europe.


We have active certifications of the Disaster Recovery Institute dri and Business Continuity Institutebci 


iteam is a consulting firm that works for a world better prepared to face risks and disasters, applying methodologies aligned to international standards and with a team of highly committed ans suitable professionals.


To be in 2020 a consolidated company recognized in Latinamaerica for ithe consulting practices and products related to GRC (Goverment-Risk Management and Compliance) with focus on Business Continuity.


We have one of the best prepared business continuity consultants (BCP and DRP) teams. Each of our consultants are certified, we are highly qualified professionals with practical and technical experience.
iteam is recognized by certification authorities, as a leader in Business Continuity consultancy in Colombia and Latin America.  

Work Experience

iteam has developed projects in some of the most important companies in Colombia and Latin America:

We focus on developing, implementing and improving the Business Continuity Program in all its stages, to find and identify the risks and impacts of interruptions and to consolidate recovery strategies, plans, to train staff, execute exercises, tests and update the documentation for our clients.


The methodology applied to the design and development of the Business Continuity Plan, has been developed by iteam based on the ISO22031:2012, with the support of international experts in the fields of:

  • Risk Management.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Business Continuity.

iteam methodology is based on standards approved by the competent authorities, in the most advanced, dynamic and practical guidance available on the market of these practices.